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There is this really cool cartoon that is on the TV near where I live (channel 50: 4:30pm Fri (rerun), 9:00 Sat (new)). I like it a lot. I am experimenting with my new TV board and Microsoft's streaming data format. This stuff belongs to Nelvana and their friends. The official page is at

The New Rival

Here's a test of my video boards on the New Rival, my favorite episode so far.
Play 56k feed
The 28.8k modem feed didn't work; this one is the first where you can sort of see what is going on (like watching your neighbor's TV w/o binoculars or an antenna). I tried to do a feed for 28.8 modems, but the picture is so bad that it is better to click on the 56k feed and wait for a third or half of the length of the part before playing (or save to disk while you sleep). Then the rest loads while you watch the first half.

At home I store these using a bitrate of 1530kbps and the picture is the kind that I have above. The storage comes to 250 megabytes per cartoon.

My computer

These video clips were produced on an AMD K6-2 356 MHz computer loaded with an NVIDIA TNT2-M64 32megs graphics card (PCI), and the ATI TV-WONDER television board. ATI's card is pretty good, but there are a couple of modifications that you must do to the Registry to make it work with the TNT based graphics cards. I also have developed a rebooting problem (is my CPU overheating?). The MPEG encoder only works when I turn off the motion estimation, a side effect of my below spec CPU. NOTE: the ATI card uses a SOFTWARE CODEC- just like Hauppages new card "WinTV" that costs $20 less and has FM radio built in. However, it does not say so on the box like WinTV does.. A faster CPU is supposed to make MPEG-1 encoding clearer; don't get this stuff together if you have a weaker setup than I do (I'm on the lower edge of functionality). Also, it is good to get a real VCR, because it doesn't crash halfway through a show and lose the video. The way to go is to record on videotape first, then feed it to the TV board in bits and pieces.
This is a fanpage for the cardcaptors show. I can't read the quicktime videos of the episodes that are on the official page so these are for people who can't either. If there's a problem with having this page is my email, just drop me a note! Cardcaptors is the best cartoon ever!
The tms and stuff should be here, but I don't know what they are.. :.