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My sister and I got together last year to make a demo tape. One of the pieces that we played together was the ...

Faust Fantasy by Sarasate !!

The time is that of duelling !! ^_^;

Select a file to play: Faust First Mvmt | Faust Second Mvmt | Faust Final Mvmt

My sister and I played this together in the fall of 1999 when she first applied to go to the music school Meadowmount, which is in New York. The piece is Pablo D. Sarasate's fantasy on the Faust theme from (can't spell composer's name. Sounds like "Goo-know"). The music is very nice.

The piece is divided into three parts, which break at the ends/beginnings of each section (they were stored that way on the cd we got back from the sound studio ... ...). The way the plugin works you have to push for the next one after the file ends.

If you want to download the three files, I recommend getting the mp3s from my band's page (see the credit section below) and then burning them to a CD for purposes of Discman-ing.

Note that I don't mind if you copy the music, but you must keep track that it came from me. It is free for personal use only though. That means that if you have a web site which is just about you, and there is no mention of money on the site/you do not get any money from its operation, it is okay for you to put up the music there if you give me and my sister Gray credit in the credits section at the bottom of your page. Be sure to have a link back here or to the main website when you make the file though.

If you are for profit, or the page is not your personal thing, then i'm afraid that you will have to get permission from both me and my sister before you do anything involving the music (direct linkers will be hunted down and vivisected !!) @vv@

The player technology comes from Freedom Audio. It's free for personal use (the license says so I think .. umm). It can play GSM encoded voice content and also RealJAVA audio. Both can stream off of the web page on any os/gear combo as long as there's a sound card installed !