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September 11th, 2001

The attack on USA from terrorists... It is September 11th, 2001, and many are dead. Here are some of the video footage filed as REALMEDIA (RM) format that I saw so that you can see if it isn't on your local TV stations. Or if you need it for a report or something I guess you could add 'Multimedia!'

It is from the TV that I have here (Channels MSNBC-4, FOX-5, ABC-7, NEWS-9), and sometimes the picture isn't very good probably because of my antenna not being the best.

Disaster video and audio clips from September 11th, 2001.
Newsdata from Local (WashDC) channel signals starting 6pm.
Dataselect from 605pm to 925pm channels 7ABCTV and 5FOX.
615pm to 715pm channel 9TV
Channel 7ABCTV, 50WB (WB11NY FEED) from 927pm+6hrs.
Radio 630am WMAL-ABCNEWS, 800PM to 715AM, midmorning.
Reference file footage...START
Most DATA FILEs are smaller then 1.44 MEGA; for all of you diskette people out there.
P.S. Most of these are in REALMEDIA format. Realplayer 8 can be gotten at Some stuff is WINDOWSMEDIA... This will come later.

Footage sorted by type:


World Trade Center

Channel 9 NEWS:

Handheld camera WTC 2 collapse. 865kB 31sec
Building 7, Live collapse 824kB 32sec
Building 7-R, Instant-Replay collapse 1428kb 54sec

Channel 5 FOX:


Airplane VS World Trade Center 2 Angle 1. 469kB 27sec
Air VS WTC 2 Angle 2 362kB 25sec


Collapse from Ground Zero 1060 kB 17sec.
Rubble all about (after the collapse). 2.6 MEGA 57sec


FOX5 Flyby, Pentagon on fire. 2-MEGA 1min50sec

Presidental/Press Conferences.

Initial Presidental statement from our dear Mr. President George W. Bush. 1242kB 4min54sec

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