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Classic-Style Roleplaying

This part typed by Mark Zimmermann, while learning the Dvorak keyboard ...

"You see a dimly-lit wooden staircase before you, descending out of sight; faint rumbling sounds, and perhaps distant voices mixed with the clatter of unknown objects being poured out upon a wooden table, greet your ears."

"I loosen my dagger in its scabbard and, taking care not to step on any squeaky boards, slowly begin to creep down the stairs."

"As you descend, the voices get louder; you begin to smell the odors of coffee and cooked meats mixed with a damp mustiness. The sound of something hard --- money? dice? --- being cast on the table again occurs, followed by loud cursing ... which abruptly stops, as a voice says, 'Hush, I thought I heard something on the stairs. Joe, go see who's there.' What do you do now?"

"I clear my throat, keep my hand on my dagger hilt but don't unsheathe it yet, and say, 'It's Ron ... Bill sent me ... he said to meet you here. Nobody answered when I knocked, but the door was open and Bill said to just come on in, and that I'd find you all in the basement.'"

"A head comes into view at the foot of the staircase --- it must be Joe. He smiles and says, 'Hi Ron! Good to see you; our party of adventurers is in a bit of trouble at the moment --- zombie attack, most annoying. What kinds of characters did you bring? I hope you've got a priest handy! Come join the groupv'"