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The Nintendo GameBoy

I had gotten a Game Boy earlier before the word came out about the colour version, so I don't know how these play on the new system, but here are my experiences with the original (and, most recently, the Pocket).


I myself like the original Game Boy because it is much more classic, but if you want to play games in varied environments, then choose the Pocket, because its screen is much, much better. I'd like to believe that I would be willing to play up to $30 extra for the nicer screen. However, the Game Boy Color is so much better then the Pocket, it is really worth the extra $40 you have to pay for the new version (over Pocket prices around here), although if you already have a Pocket, you should probably decide for yourself (trade-in ?).

My Software

Items marked with the Asterisk (*) are, in my opinion, not very good. The more Asterisks, the less I like the game. The Plus mark (+) is my version of the Star that is used in movie ratings. I put the Plus mark next to games I especially enjoy.


These games involve some amount of puzzle solving, wandering around and talking to people. The games in this section also have a bit of arcade-type action, so they are not really 'pure' roleplaying, but, then again, nothing on computers really is (unless you count the games written by Infocom !). Final Fantasy Adventure (Secret of Mana), is really good, and would be my favorite game except I have already finished it. Zelda is my second favorite, and James Bond ties for last with Gargoyle's Quest.


I count Puzzle games as those that do not really require instant reflexes, and use a lot more that which we call 'grey matter'. I did not count time clock limits as making a game 'arcade' so in a few of these you do have very limited times to finish, but that is just part of the game !


In the Puzzle-Arcade games, you will need to have some arcade-type skills, but you will also need to solve (sometimes complex) timing and logic puzzles.


Arcade games do not require anything but nimble fingers. Usually, they have obvious goals and are easy to learn how to play. Sometimes there are puzzle elements, but not usually.

Sport Games

I don't like

These games are those that I, personally, do not particularly like. However, these opinions were mine only at the time of the authourship of this webset, so probably they are not current, and some actually good games are listed here.