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Sega GameGear

Welcome to the New set of pages that review the games that I have for the Sega GameGear system. On this small webset, you can read about my experiences and high-scores with a few of the games that exist.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This game, for the GameGear, is very nice. It tries to be as much like the original as possible, and the first act could almost have been taken (albeit in a very abbreviated form) straight from the original Genesis title. The ending sequence of the game is a bit dissapointing, though. Enjoy the lush graphics while you can. It took me an hour and a half to beat it, when I played it in December 1998.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

If this game had had a boss for the first stage that wasn't impossible, it would've been fun to play. However, the first boss is more difficult than the rest of the game put together, which leads to many boring hours playing the first three levels over and over again. It usually boils down to pure luck getting past him. This game might be fun if you can start play at the second stage with one of the cheat codes.

Dragon Crystal

This is one of the greatest games ever written for the Sega GameGear. It is also one of the very first. The game is a clone of the popular computer series of Roguelike games, and it does a Great job of it. Wow! The only thing this game lacks is a "save" feature, so you will have to beat it all at once if you want to do that. I got to Floor 12 as a Warrior, then I ran out of food and starved to death because of landsharks. A totally forgotten Gem, er. Crystal.


Do not let the name of this game drive you away. It is a nice implementation of the treasured Arkanoid/Breakout genre, only with a new twist - a real quest to pursue, multiple-direction scrolling levels such as those found in the old game for the NES entitled Astyanaxx, and a Time Trial mode like that in ExciteBike. This game is quite nice, and the graphics are very good, although it was made in the early days of the Sega GameGear.
That's all for today!