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Videogame Reviews

Currently I have four documents of reviews (of Nintendo Entertainment System games) that I have written. One is finished, and another is hardly started, but here they are:

  • My original set of three or four reviews: video.html
  • My Nintendo Review - Book 1(70+kb): review1.txt
  • My Nintendo Review - Book 2(9+kb): review2.txt
  • Game Genie codes by Yours Truly: genie.html
  • Nintendo Review - Book 3: (not ready (yet!))(3+kb): review3.txt
  • My MINI Pocket Organizer's Collection of Continue Codes for NES Games.

  • Also, I have added the few lists (which will someday contain reviews, I hope, below. Here they are.
  • My Sega Genesis Stuff
  • My Sega GameGear Stuff
  • My Nintendo Gameboy Stuff

  • You can read a few of the local High-Scores here: videohs.html

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