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I'm in the process of moving this page; it is going to reside at; please update your links to there. This URL may still exist for a few months, but don't count on it next millenium.

However, As I have had to move my entire site to Tripod, Chances are quite slim that I will move this file anywhere at all. This address will be semi-permanent.

The MUD Dungeon

Many Adventurers have passed through here.

You are confonted with a mighty knight in shiny armor. He points his sword at you and says:
STOP! Who are you? You must prove yourself worthy before you can access any of my Multi User Dungeons.
The knight hands you a sword, and the fight begins...
Congratulations brave human. I now grant you the holy key that I've kept so long. You may now unlock the gate and enter the dungeon.

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