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Games of Merle Zimmermann

So you have a two-player (internet or LAN) game, and you need an opponent. I am willing to play against you, if you write me a note telling me when you are available (times and days). I will check my schedule and get back to you. My email address is "valeron @ pocketmail . com". (No spaces in actual version)

Free Resources

My Computer

Games I Own

I have some notes after each game to give you some background information about my current situation with it. If the game you want to play is not on this list, then I probably can't help you. If it is ...

3d Games of Death and Destruction

Warcraft Games

Note that I don't have Warcraft II: Edition.


Fantasy Theme

Car or Tank

Other Things

First, a word of warning. I am not very good at some of these games, so playing me probably won't be like challenging Kasparov to a game of chess.

Also note that, as I have a 1.5Giga Byte hard disk, there is no way that I could have more than three or four of these installed at one time. Therefore, send me a message at least a couple of hours before you intend to play against me, as I may not be able to track down the install CDs in short notice. Note: I only check my email once every few days, so be forewarned.

Second, my computer's telephone line is in Area Code (301) in the USA. This means that it will be a local call ONLY if you live in one of the following areas: If you want to test to see if you are local, I would advise trying to place a call from a payphone without putting in the 35c; it will tell you if it is long distance.
Unlisted Games: I own all but 30 of the Nintendo Entertainment System games, so if you have the NES emulator I can probably play whatever two-player game you want against you. Note that I still don't have any of the Double Dragon games.

Shareware Games: If the game that you want to play is Shareware, and the download is less that about ten megabytes, I would not mind playing it against you even if I don't have it already.

Shareware Games, Continued: If the game is more than ten megabytes, and you can get it on a CD ROM and send it to me, I would not mind installing it if I don't have it already.

CD-Key Games: Note that Diablo, Warcraft II, and Starcraft only let people play against the same CD key. If you want to play against me, I might be tricked into giving you my Key.

When I used to play chess, my USCF rating was slightly above 1000.

I write music for fun. Here's my "Celebration of Spring Break 2000" composition, LENGHTR3.MID.

Skills of the Player

Games Completed WITHOUT CHEATS

  1. RoadBlasters for Nintendo Entertainment System, 1995?
  2. Final Fantasy Adventure (Secret of Mana I) for Gameboy in 31 hours, 1998?
  3. Devilish, by Sage's Creation, for Sega Game Gear, 1999
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Game Gear, 1999
  5. Final Fantasy VII for Playstation in 30 hours and about fifty minutes, December 1999.
  6. D/Generation for PC, played Feb 20-early March, beat game with both endings, cracked copy protection (in less than 40 seconds), got bored with program, uninstalled same, filed CD in drawer.
  7. Half Life for IBM-PC, (easy level) March 13th, 2000.

Games Mostly Completed