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Music of Merle Zimmermann

Here are some music files in MIDI format that I played on the day of January 4th, 1999. I do not play very well, but here are some of my different works.
Here is a piece from the Bach French suites. It is called "Allemande" and it is in G. This is BWV 816.
If you want to listen to it faster, I sped up the recording on this one.
Here are a series of compositions that are all similar, based upon the theme of . Also look at the section of G.Q.E. and SnpX.
Here are some others of my compositions.

Theme from Accolay

Here is my favorite theme from my sister's violin piece.

Bartok Piece from M.

Here is my favorite piece from Bartok's set of excercises.

Dragon's Lair 2 Theme

I may or may not have gotten this from Dragon's Lair 2. I am not sure at all.


These are experiments that did not work or tapes that broke, missing sectors or tracks. Do not listen to these because they sound pretty horrendous.


Here is a song that I wrote once upon atime. The Lad.
The Lad with a little intro.
Verses are here:

The T112/4???

This whole section is quite poor. Do not listen to these variations.
Here is another series, this time based upon the theme of MooCom. And also SnapX.
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