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The Faery Queene

Here are some files of me reading The Faerie Queene.. As it usually takes me about an hour to record each canto (I need three tries to get it all correct), the files here may not be updated every day. Hopefully, each weekend I will add another until I have the entire story here (like that would ever happen). The files are encoded as Windows "Advanced Streaming Format" files, and therefore should be streamable from this webpage. The encoding system is such that if you can receive .24 kbps you should be able to stream these fine (that's a 2400 baud modem for you folks at home). If you have something slower, I would advise getting a copy of the book itself, since it is widely available, and recording it yourself (it will probably take less time than downloading this ;).. Anyway, here they are:

Fairy Queen

Read by Merle D. Zimmermann... Share and enjoy !

Book One

Intro Sequence

1:43, 41kB

Canto One

21:55, 519kB