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SedoNeural: A Linguistic Additive.

Have you ever wanted to be able to talk with your friends while being eavesdropped, but completely confound and confuse your toads? SedoNeural, the Linguistic MSG, is here to save the day!
The idea for this language came to me while I was studying in the cafeteria one afternoon at school. I was listening to a conversation that was meant to be private that several people were taking place in on the other side of a small pillar, and I decided that something had to be done to prevent the same thing from happening to me.

With this in mind, the first idea for SedoNeural was born.


SedoNeural is a gesture-based language additive. You simply speak normally (in whatever language you like to use best) and use your hands to indicate a few important modifications to whatever you are saying. The hand was chosen as the medium of the channel of communication because, most of the time, when you are speaking with someone, their hands are visible, and about 40% of the time, are not in use.

The Syntax

In this paper, I will write a number to indicate the hand position you use. Here is how to interprate the numbers:

Starting a conversation with SedoNeural:

The Dictionary

Keep in mind that these are just my preliminary ideas; they are definitely subject to change without warning, and probably should be customized for whatever group you are in anyway. Remember, they are always out there, listening. Try not to make it too easy for them.

Best Regards, Merle Zimmermann

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