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Tom Swift: Return of the TRG

Chapter 1

Tom walked up to the door to his lab. A voice announced "What is the best known unknown music group?". "The Residents," Tom quickly replied. The steel-reinforced doors slowly slid open. Tom entered, and the doors slid closed behind him. He walked across the room to where his collection of antique computers was laid out across a table. Sitting down in front of one of them, he began work on his latest project, a

Rick drove his Jaguar XKE up the road leading to Swift Enterprises as he tried to open a box of pineapple, raspberry and bacon pizza. His car, as usually wasn't sounding all that good, but at least it moved (somewhat) when you pushed the pedal, down, hard. Right now, he is in a hurry, as he was supposed to be meeting Tom at a special ceremony unveiling the new MegaTron-controlled computerized hospital that was Tom's latest project. Having finally gotten the pizzabox open, he removed his right hand from the steering wheel to fetch himself a slice of pizza, and he involuntary rotated the wheel in the process, and when he looked up, he realized that his car was rocketing straight towards a large oak. Jerking the wheel to the left, and right, he weaved through the small grove and approaced the ornately decorated gate to Swift Enterprises. Leaning out of the window, he suddenly realized that there we no security guards on duty. "That's strange", he thought, just before he saw a bright flash of light, and lost consciousness.