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The Wisdom of Merle

or How to live through one week at college.. ughh.
Written By Merle Zimmermann
January 9-10, 2000
Garnered over 17 years of Life..
  1. Rules of Sleep
  2. Fun with Ramen
  3. Practical Drinkmixing for the Minor
  4. Becoming a Programmer


A few rules of thumb..

How to make Ramen Noodles FASTER !!!

or Fun with Ramen Noodles

Making Cup of Ramen Noodle without Hot Water

Microwave Required..
  1. Open cup as little as possible (about 1-2 cm) (less than an inch).
  2. Find a water fountain
  3. Because there is no way to see the line inside the container without ripping off the entire top, here is how to tell when to stop adding water:
    Add water to the cup until the little vegetables start to float when you level the container.
  4. Put the cup in the microwave.
  5. Zap the food for at least one and a half minutes.
  6. Remove the cup from the microwave.
  7. Carry around for at least five minutes before opening.
    The food is better if you can wait ten minutes, but it is edible after five.
  8. Open the cup and Eat. It is sometimes a little crunchy, but it is still good. Yum.

and my personal favorite:

Flaming Super Ramen Noodle

I use Oriental Ramen for this, but it will probably work with other flavors too..

If you are using Cup Ramen, then open the cup. Otherwise, put the packet of Ramen in a dish.
  1. Add 1 tsp. Sesame Oil
    If you do not have sesame oil, then you will have to add a pat of butter when I tell you to (not yet!).
  2. Dish Ramen: Add the flavor packet now.
    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES put in oil after adding the flavor packet and before adding water.
  3. Add 1/4 tsp. Crushed and Dried Hot Peppers (the kind that they have at Pizza Hut tm).
  4. Add water until
    Dish Ramen: The noodle floats.
    Cup Ramen: The water reaches the line.
  5. If you did not have any of the oil mentioned earlier, then add the pat of butter now.
  6. Microwave until the food starts fizzing,
    Or follow the Microwave directions on the package..
  7. Wait until cool.
Note that Flaming Super Ramen Noodle soup is VERY SPICY !! Have at least two pints of milk (one quart - or about 3/4 liter) handy to stave off chemical burns from the hot peppers.

An Introduction to the Gentle Art of Drink Mixing

In these modern days of strife, the skill of creative drink design has expreienced a precipitous decline. Although some of this change can be attribuited to cultural forces, blah blah blah..

OR - Making Flavors that the Self-Service Drink Machine Doesn't Have!!

Graep Drink
1 pt. Coke tm or Pepsi tm
1 pt. Orange drink
1 pt. Mr Pibb tm or Dr. Pepper tm
Let stand 15 minutes or till flat.
Serve on ice.
..tastes purple, just like cheap grape soda.
Acid Cola
1 pt. (pink) Lemonade
3 pt. Sprite tm or Mountain Dew tm
1 pt. Mr Pibb tm or Dr Pepper tm (add for color)

Looks just like Coke tm or Pepsi tm.  Just wait until they
take a sip and find out that this is the MOST ACIDIC DRINK
EVER since Grapefruit Juice !! splatoogh !!  Try to avoid
getting hit in the eyes.. it really hurts.. ;(
I am still trying to recreate my Kreem Soada drink.  Stay Tuned..!
Hints on Drink Development:

Becoming a Programmer

The Way to becoming a Valiant Programmer is paved with YOUR blood. Do not expect to become good overnight. It takes years of hard work.