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I do not assume any responsibility for what happens to you after you access and peruse this web page. None of the pages or links are my responsibility, and whether they are in 'good taste' or have anything to do with what I claim they are is of no concern to me. By using this web page you agree that you are responsible for anything that happens to you by usage of the information or games contained within. However, even though all of this is still true, I do want this page to excel in what it does, and I would greatly appreciate your user input on bad links (404 errors, especially), bad taste, or anything else you can think of (ideas, etc.). You can email me at ! with your comments, corrections, or questions, and I will attempt to solve your problems to the best of my ability. As you will notice, there is a seemingly extraneous exclamation mark placed in front of my address. This is not part of the address; please remove it when you send me mail. Thanks.

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