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Hello, Friend. My page currently consists of much information on diverse topics. It includes a series of free games that I designed, numerous MtG decks, and a long list of strange trinkets and amusing anecdotes. Numerous MIDI music recordings of my compositions are also present in various places.

Merle Zimmermann

Light shines from above upon the face of our hero, Merle Zimmermann.

Things I am:

Time Remaining until the Year 3000

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Tip of the Hat to The White House for the Javascript code !

Happy ElotipLogo. My New Logo !

Arabian Nights Design. Tip of the Hat to the Sir Richard Francis Burton for xlating the One Thousand Nights and A Night's Entertainments. This is printed in my copy's endpaper.

Let it be known to all that perhaps it is the case that there is music on this website from The Zelda Headquarters - except for the music which I recorded myself; this resides at music.html. Also, I put some music files in a subdirectory outside this one at ../music. Many thanks go to them for their kindness is allowing the borrowing of music files from their site. I am forever in their debt. Also, whoever mixed these recordings, you did a wonderful job! Thank you! Thanks! It shall also be known that it is the case that the music will be credited at the bottom of said page.

It may be noted that I have now broken my website up into small and discrete segments, in order to allow those with slower connections to get relevant data faster. You can still find the original page at , if you want to get it (in a very out-of-date form) all at once. If anyone else has any better ideas, please send them to me, so I can implement them as I did this one. The old single-page will probably fade out of existance before the Millenium is up, so stay tuned..

To the Student:

Reliable as this method is, let no one depend too much on either method or teacher. The work, remember, must be done by yourself; and the fullness of success can come to you in one way only, --- and that is by bringing to the work enthusiasm, energy, perserverance, and invincible determination; by being exacting with yourself and never calling anything "good enough" that is not the best you can do; by putting an object at the end of every hour's practice, and never dawdling over the work simply to kill time; by adopting for your motto, "There is no such word as fail," and never losing sight of it.

Such common-sense measures, directed by a common-sense method, make failure not only improbable but absolutely impossible.

The Chandler Practical Shorthand, by Mary A. Chandler Atherton, 1917.


Merle Says: Hello ! How would you like to purchase a bridge?

Feel free to write the WebMaster (! ) with your comments on this and other pages.
My email problem has been fixed, so feel free to send me lots of mail.

Let it be known that I have finally fallen to the state where I used Netscape's HTML editor to change these pages, as I was in a great hurry and manual HTML authoring is slow buisness. I will be fixing them when I get some real free time, which might arrive sometime in the next 36 months (I hope!). If this change in syntax has damaged the content of this group in any way, please tell me and I shall go back to editing my files with a regular text editor.

I would like to thank the grand efforts of Altavista, Digital's search engine, without which these pages would have never been the same. Besides being the best search engine that I have ever used, Altavista also offers a small package that can be installed onto your desktop computer (Altavista Personal Search), which will allow you to use the famous Altavistian search engine on your local files (invaluable when you are trying to find things in Netscape's cache, or rapidly sort through reports generated with an autonomous agent, such as the greatly revered NetAttache Lite, a free automatic page capturing engine).

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Improvization 27.

snpx5 Little Improvisation I played on KeyBoard. Happy Fish !
Greensleeves- Take six, recorded by me on Miracle Keyboard. Please forgive me for that first refrain; I do not know what I was thinking.

Nedstat Counter Tripod has just started allowing me to look at my page statistics; If you would like to see how few hits I get a month, just follow the counter. It's quite depressing, really.
Tip of the hat to for referring me to, and also thanks to them for writing the JavaScript code implementing this personal page-counter.
I found this great new Yahoo-like service, and it is called "Newhoo". It is a lot like yahoo only it hasn't gone commercial, so there aren't any advertisments. Also, it has much better coverage in the games and fun area. I like it a lot.

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