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Free Webspace Doesn't seem as interesting now that I found CyberCity. Actually, it seems quite cheap; but I shall keep it, for reasons that I have cited later on this page.
A pretty long list of locations.


It apparently supplies up to FIVE MB of storage space, with bonuses for introducing your friends, although you need to have an email address before you can create an account. I finally got an account, and I am now perusing the Rules and Regulations before I do anything rash. Something is up here; I think that the address must have changed unexpectedly. If you find out what happened, please tell me so I can fix this.


I don't quite know why, but GeoCities somehow gives me the creeps. I'm only listing it here for the sake of completeness. They provide non-customized web addresses, and up to two megabytes of storage. I have heard that you can get up to five Mb by recruiting new members. Also, they implement the very fun 3-minute advertisment trick, which you have to experience to believe.


Here we have a minimal free page provider, who allows you one single homepage with six links. If you are new around here, this might be a good way to get started with your website (or at least have a presence).


Here is another compeditor to GeoCities. I acually got approved for an account, but was unable to do anything with it due to a total failure of Capaccess, my email service. I found this by way of an advertisment on GeoCities or someplace of the sort.

As of July 1998 I have gotten a new account with Tripod, and it is going very well - It is the new location of my homepages, as you can see now.

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