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Magic: The Gathering(tm)!

Magic: The Gathering is a collectable card game that was originally invented by Richard Garfield (a wonderful person!), along with some of his friends. The story goes that he showed it to some people at Wizards of the Coast, who really enjoyed it and were willing to produce the cards en masse. It caught on a few years ago around here, and I spent what was left of my personal savings buying several starter decks and expansion packs. A few weeks ago, I wandered into this absolutely amazing hobby store (Dreamwizards), and found to my amazement (and loss of funds) that WOTC had come up with a bunch of new expansion sets, which I decided to sample, spending all of the money I had with me.

Anyway, I thought that it might be nice to provide the world with a few (of my more successful) decks, as there are none (that I have found) available on the net, so I provide you this small location where you may download and examine some of my "craeft", as it is. I set up the ASCII version to be importable into a spreadsheet (or a BASIC program, for that matter), easily, by comma-delimiting it. The first line has the deck's name, followed by the colours which it is composed of, and the rest are number, card name pairs. The HTML version consists of a numbered list, followed by perhaps some comments and/or a win/loss record for the deck. I did not see how I could add one to the ASCII versions and keep the spreadsheet-like formatting, so I left it off there.

You may note that for all of the decks below I only used common cards (except perhaps in Version Two of The Deck of Diminished Returns, in which I added several cards which I had gotten at my local game store(Dreamwizards)'s ten cent box.

Also, for The Deck of Diminished Returns Returns V3, and The Deck of Induced Catatonia I neglected to check the rarity of their component cards, although I got many of them from the same ten cent box.

If any of these cards which I have added turn out to be rare(ish), you may rest assured that I always take the precaution of playing with all of my cards in sleeves, in order to reduce wear. (I would advise that you put your decks in sleeves, but instead of looking in a game store for them (where they usually cost $7-8 dollars around my home), try out art/crafts or sports card stores, as they usually have really cheap, generic ones ($1.99 for 100 "With free card-dividing chunk of waste plastic Free!") compared to the specialized card sleeves (although the cheap ones usually don't come with a warranty that you can trust).)

Magic Decks which I have uploaded so far:

The following decks were entered using this really quite nice program called The Apprentice. It allows you to play MtG over the net. You can find it at It is rather nice, but only runs on (curses!) fast Windows-based machines. The files below are all Exported Apprentice 32 1.2 data files, and as such, they consist of text, which should be readable.

This paragraph has now been officially DEPRECATED like everything else I own.

I had to write a text on the history of a collection that I own for some Boy Scout deed, and I thought, because I chose Magic as the subject, I thought that you could read it if you like that sort of thing: magichistory.html

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