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MinYat - A Minimal Yahtzee variant.

MinYat is a game of chance that I designed sometime during 1997-8 which is very fast and almost all dependant on luck, unlike its parent, the Yahtzee game (which is available on most computer systems, and also as a dice-game).  MinYat is much simpler and should be understandable even by someone who does not do arithmetic (yet).


The Rules

  1. All players shall sit in a certain order.  This order shall not change until the end of the game.
  2. The dice shall be given to one of the players, who will be the First player.
  3. The player who has the dice rolls them.
    1. Each player may roll the dice one more time than the previous player did.
    2. The first player gets to roll the dice once.
  4. If all of the dice now show the same symbol on the upper side, then whoever rolled the dice now wins the game.
  5. If the player who has the dice has not rolled them as many times as they may, then
    1. If the player wishes, they can pick up any subset of the available dice, leaving the others on the table, and roll them.  Continue reading at Rule Four.
  6. If the player has rolled the dice as many times as they are due, then they
    1. Must pass the dice to the next player, who will get to roll the dice one more time than whoever just handed them the dice.
    2. Note: The next player must roll All of the dice when they roll them for the first time.
  7. The game ends when someone rolls the dice and they all match (a Yahtzee).
  8. It's lots of fun to play many games in a row and see who gets the highest score.


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