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Try these links, hallowed master of the unreal-

(Straight from the scrapbook of the Ages!)

Somebody I met while MUDding; a "Frank Hopper".
Somebody I met while at a harrowing volunteer job; an "Evan Metcalfe".
Somebody else that I also met at the same time.
Wizards of the Coast The Magic: The Gathering People
Nintendo emulator page
Another Nintendo Emulation spot
Emulators Wholesale! RomCity - got to have ROMs for those emulators (read the disclaimer first)
Another ROM site
Donate your computer's idle time to the DES cracker project
Visit Opus's Dandelion Patch
Shakespeare's web site(tee hee hee)
Apple Computer - check out the latest on EMates
HyperArchive's adventure collection
InfoMac - A Macintosh file archive (a fast mirror in Hawaii)
Myst files?
A List of games that start with an 'M'?
DROOL - a quirky adventure game on the web
Finally, a really complete list of AberMUDs
Another Archive of computer games
Canadian Dungeons and Dragons collections
Coron's sources of FREE Roleplaying Games
Shadow Island Games' Play by E-Mail (ish) site (very good)
2456's play by e-mail games.
Tunnels and Trolls still exists !
- A Catalogue of things you can buy, and
- A Group that you can play with (no experience required).
Speaking of trolls, why not TrollMUD?
Web-Grognards: Some sort of Wargaming site.
No Nukes?
Yet Another DragonMUD?
Garbo - Probably the best archive for IBM-PC users with slow modems? Finland
Some roleplaying links.
Flick, a game-related website.

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