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Another disclaimer, along with some advice


I assume no responsibility for the up-to-date-ness of the links here, or the quality of any of the MUDs and MUD pages that I have cited.

Second, an explanation of the difference between Player and Character:

The Player is you.

The Character is you while you are playing the role-playing simulation (aka M ulti U ser D ungeon). Th character knows only what it has experienced while you were playing it on the MUD, and Nothing else!

Nothing about E-Mail, your life, your background, your name, and so on. No Exceptions Are Allowed when you are making the greatest distinction between Player and Character. If you were in the Optimum situation, whenever you logged on you would Really Be the character that you are actually playing.

On all MUDs, no one but yourself is responsible for what happens after you get offline, so please, DON'T EVER REVEAL ANYTHING about yourself, OR ESPECIALLY your real-life friends (who may also be on), to anyone you meet while online (remember, it is only a roleplaying game, and any and all questions should be answered by your character , NOT by you as a player). There is nothing wrong with saying "I'm afraid I can't give any response to that" to any questions you feel are not purely questions of your character. If you log on from an anonymous location you will get the best security against being traced (at MicroMuse officials can and will trace you), and PLEASE, keep all details of your real life, ESPECIALLY your friend's lives, et cetera, confidential (not revealing anything to anyone, even those who are your so-called friends) so that any hostile forces can never harm you with anything more than words.

Informational items that NEVER should be revealed include:

Anyway, if anything happens that you feel is against the rules, offending, or unjust you can usually report it to someone who is in charge (I have seen "officials", "gods", "immortals", and "administrators" on the MUDs I've visited).

Remember, you can always quit!

This section is dedicated to a Friend, who revealed details of my life, and my True Name, to a total stranger who only claimed to be 'his' friend, and later disappeared, without giving away anything concrete about himself! (although nothing happen to me or my Friend THIS TIME)

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