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Local Video-Game High Scores

Here are the local High-Scores for various videogames that I have set up around my house.

Nintendo Entertainment System


The Immortal

Reached Level 2 - Merle D. Zimmermann - February 1998

Bump 'n' Jump

51740 - Gray Dickerson - May 15th, 1998


Beat computer playing white at Level 2 in half of an hour - Merle Zimmermann - November 1997


Reached final boss and died heinously. Merle Zimmermann - May 1998


Scored 4,738,650 points (or so) Reached Area 4 - Merle Zimmermann - April 1998

Game Boy

Heiankyo Alien

745,000 points and six extra lives - game interrupted by parents. Merle D. Zimmermann August 1998

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Completed in 40 tries (needed one hint for last boss): Merle D. Zimmermann July 1998

Motocross Maniacs

Finished Mode 'A': Merle D. Zimmermann June 1998

Penguin Wars

520,700 points at Tournament 3 - Robin Zimmermann August 1998

I'll write down more high scores when I get a chance - Until then, Merle D. Zimmermann
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