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Fun with Virtual Reality (in VRML)

What is VR?

VR (Virtual Reality) is what happens when you set up your computer to simulate a small amount of 3d-space (such as in the very violent games Doom and Castle Wolfenstein 3D) and then display a first-person view of what you, as a player or explorer, can see. Usually most implementations give you rudimentary abilities to interact with the environment which it puts you in, and continue from there. It is not approved of by some, because it purportedly causes you to lose touch with what is actually going on in the real world (which is why some people use it). I, myself, do not have enough time to really "get into" games and 3spaces, so I am still around out here. A few groups purchase (or borrow) extensive (and expensive!) equipment which allows them to better interface with the computer, but I have found it sufficient to merely run with a large monitor (or very close to a small one) in a dark room, such as a basement or closet.


VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), is a concise way of describing sufficiently powerful Virtual Spaces to evoke a low level of immersion. Several great shareware VRML editors are available on the web, and free viewers abound. I used RenderSoft's VRML EDitor to generate these worlds. Virtus's editors are the best that I have experienced, but they are kind of expensive (although probably worth it, if you are going to be working for a long time).

My Virtual World(s):

The images that I used in these VRML files were found in my browser caches; if any of them turn out to belong to you, please tell me so I can change them (or get permission from their owners). As I do not even know where most of them came from, I am at a loss finding out whose property they are; any help would be appreciated.

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