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Low Orkish: Babel Text

Here is what I could translate of the Babel Text:
  1. auls-hkuls tehki ils-vehka-et.
  2. auls-hkuls hkin-East, tu Shinar-Plain, tehk-Plain-tahk.
  3. auls-hkuls vehka-"auls tehk vehk-Bricks, hkri-Bricks ven-hkar auls." auls-hkuls Brick, nahk-Stone; Tar, nahk-Mortar.
  4. et-auls-hkuls vehka-"auls vehk-tahk ruhk-Plain, tarhk=tower-tu-Heavens, irn auls-hkut=Name, nahk-ils-ils-auls-hkuls."
  5. et tarhk-hkals-nels hkin-Plain, tu-vehk=tahk, tu tarhk=Tower.
  6. tarhk-hkals-nels vehka-"ils-vehk hkanu, ils-vehk eni-Plan tehk.
  7. hkin-auls tu-Down, hkate0hkuls-vehka, hkuls nahk-vehka-hkuls nahki."
  8. tarhk-hkals-nels tehk-(iv,ihk) vehk-ruhk; hkuls nahk-tehk-rehk=tahk.
  9. I don't think, with my level of skill (and Low Orkish's current vocabulary, there is any reasonably accurate translation of this sentence; Low Orkish wasn't designed for this sort of thing anyway. Please accept my apologies about this major shortcoming. Thanks-Merle Z.

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