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The Pokémon Challenge

I, Merle D. Zimmermann, challenge you to complete The Pokémon Challenge!


  1. All challengers must own an official copy of Pokémon Blue or Pokémon Red.
  2. All challengers must run this official copy of Pokémon on an official system from Nintendo.

The Challenge

You must complete the game Pokémon WITHOUT using any Poké Balls or trading your Pokémon with another GB-wielding friend. This means that you can't use SAFARI Ball either. It is O.K. to trade with people that you meet inside the cartridge, but you may not trade by using a Link cable.

According to my brother, this should be theoretically possible if you are clever about your initial choice of Pokémon. If you are successful at The Pokémon Challenge, then I will award you with a prize to be determined later (probably one of the computer games on my sale page).

I love Pokémon so much .. :)
You may want to play the game once with Poké Balls before you try THE Pokémon CHALLENGE !
Do you really need HM0x ?
If you CHEAT, you will not qualify for a PRIZE !
Pokémon Challenge Homepage: Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo, GameFreak, and Creatures, INC. I think that Nintendo is a trademark of itself. GB was written by Nintendo. Pokémon is cool, RATICATE rules! Thank you, Pokémon, for bringing contentment to my life. Join the I hate ODDISH club today.