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The Fingering Challenge


17:I am now 17 years old, and I am going to the local community college to study many diverse subjects. I finally bought a new computer, and it is STILL in the shop for repairs (my Sound-Card refuses to record audio reliably). Most of the information below is inaccurate, so be warned. All paragraphs written when I am 17 will be prefixed by 17:.

I was 14 years old when I wrote most of this, and I still live in Maryland, relatively near Washington, D. C. I have become a member of a Boy Scout Troop (perhaps mistakenly, as I now have even less time to keep this page up-to-date) number 1002 of the National Capital Area Council(NCAC). Becoming the Scribe, I have apparently commited myself for life membership (or at least until I'm 18). Unfortunately, getting there has become more and more impossible, as my schedule is being filled to the breaking point. I have recently become a volunteer for an Alliance for the Mentally Ill Thrift shop nearby. I have several good friends, and am (usually) greatly enjoying myself here. I taught myself to touchtype with the QWERTY layout, and am currently working on the DVORAK SIMPLIFIED KEYBOARD arrangement.

I have finally returned from a harrowing episode of volunteer nightmare! However, one of the volunteers which I met, an Evan Metcalfe, also has a website, and therefore I add the link above to him.

Interests, Activities and Plans

17:I am taking 18 credits next semester at Montgomery College. I am getting online much more often now that my computer is in the shop. I hope to purchase a Virtual Boy, but I think that the deal will fall through.

I am now studing for the P/SATs, having left the GED behind (although I haven't actually taken it yet). My main interests are writing computer programs in non-standard languages. I enjoy Multi User Dungeons, although I usually don't get much online time (unlike my Friend, who was reputedly playing for as long as 14 hours at a stretch). Does anyone ever read paragraphs like this. If you are reading this, email me right now for a free joke. I am an avid fan of the so-called Text-Adventure, because of the ease of use on virtually any computer system. Below, I have a link to my favorite "Interactive Fiction" FTP site, and several more to various MUDS my Friend recommends, although he keeps changing what he likes, so these will NOT be up-to-date in any way. I collected US cents once, but having completed (finally!), my collection, I no longer do so. I also like foreign coins with interesting designs, although I do not often get chances to do so.

Other Interesting Things

17:Now I play the Harpsichord, not the Piano. But I still am a player of Viola da Gamba. There are some new audio recordings in /quickbeam/music/ and /quickbeam/music2 demonstraiting my incredible ability to play badly when I record.

I have played the Piano for four years, and the viola da gamba for one. I am just starting to take up the harpsichord. I usually program my old computer with FORTH (because of its speed) or Scheme (a dialect of LISP). I can usually write programs in (besides the two mentioned above) C, BASIC, and various Adventure-builders. I also wrote a few programs in AWK, but nothing complex. I can use HyperCard, Excel, etc; if you have copies of any strange or unusual language, please send me a copy - or at least information on how to get it. I am trying to learn PROLOG, but as I don't have quite enough spare time, I probably won't get to really understand the language any time soon. Currently I am going on a quest collecting weird languages for my collection. A good site I found (for DOS PCs) is at If you know of any other good ones, I'd appreciate knowing the address. I was at one point also messing around with CGI scripting, as you can see above. The last time I updated this page Netscape decided to put in some plugs for itself, I would like to apologise for this and other problems. Pepsi has just introduced Josta in my area; I greatly relish it. I am trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to write some sort of useful program in Java, but so far I have utterly failed in all of my attempts. I am planning to attempt to upload some of my many custom-built applications, but as their quality is very low I have refrained from doing so so far.

17:The local Pepsi bottler has stopped producing Josta (CURSES!). However, I discovered a substitute generic drink which is about 3x stronger (quiver!). Sleep need never take me again!

I also have one of the (humorous) short (story) dialogs that I composed transcribed online:

The Wishing Rings: The Adventures of Framk and Breet

Link to index file.