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Here is an advice file which I wrote when I was quite upset when my "friend" revealed vital details about myself. Read at your own risk.

The One, The Only,


This was my first and (so far) favorite MUD list. As you can see, my copy has no graphics, unlike the one in Sweden (it also appears that the page in Sweden has gone 404, unlike mine). This is due to my total lack of storage space (as this page is only being provided by another's kindness) , and the fact that none of the space I am occupying is mine. Unlike many of the other places I have visited, I feel that graphics are a waste of bandwidth if you never want them in the first place (although the picture of a knight on the Swedish page was truly great). You can also see that DragonMUD (soon to be spotlighted below) is the fifth one on the list! This is where I got all of my addresses, except for the ones given to me by my Friend, which I have listed below. I usually use my copy because my connection to Sweden is very slow, and my web browser automatically spends hours downloading pictures, if there are any (which is another reason I do not decorate my page with useless (in my point of view) glitz (where did I find that word?)).

According to my Friend, the list linked to the end of THE MUD DUNGEON is even longer and better, but I really don't need to visit any more MUDS yet. I repeat, I am not responsible for the validity of these links, and I am likewise not responsible for anything that happens after you leave this homepage, taking any one of the links I have provided (not that I am responsible for what happens here, anyway).

My Friend's favorite MUD search utility, MudConnect.

After many tiring attempts, my Friend reports that he has discovered a "MUD search engine" which is pretty comprehensive, although I do not share that opinion. However, it probably has more MUDs listed than I will ever visit, so I include it here.

Links to actual MUDs are below:

My favorite --- DragonMud --- WWW service for Wizards!

DragonMUD has moved!

To: telnet://
and telnet://
with the homepage at

This may be my favorite for the sole reason that it was the first MUD that I played. It is (rather, was several months ago) not the MUD that usually shows up when you search for DragonMUD. I enjoy its primitive interface (I think my Friend said it was an AberMUD), and just soak up the juicy descriptions of the landscape. Whoever designed this MUD had good taste (in my point of view). With almost no violence, this MUD is probably suitable for all ages, although it is text-based, just like all of the other MUD links I have here, and there are several hostile computer-controlled creatures. However, most of the time, you have a good chance (better with a fast modem and quick reaction times, and Touch Typing) of escaping without loss of Experience Points. The only bad thing about this MUD is that you lose half of your score whenever you die in battle, and therefore take a reduction of levels accordingly.

I think that the actual name of the machine was -- see above "telnet:// ", but my notes are incomplete. Perhaps it is really the homepage of the MUD, and the address was really "", but I will probably never know, unless I actually do some research into where I was when I began writing down interesting stuff on small index cards.

It appears that I have had the wrong motto all this while, and I apologise for any inconveniance that it might have caused.

Not Another DragonMUD


Here's another MUD that my Friend found while chatting with the AI-powered denizins; it sports an (improved?) parser with more features. The Quest requirements have been removed, so it should be easier to advance. Killing players is allowed abowe level five. I stand corrected, the name was not actually DragonMUD, but something completely different. However, as I never actually got the correct name, I still don"t know what it is called.



Here's the corrected address for the Darkwind MUD. I'm sorry it took me so long to get it out; things have been very hectic in my RL and it is very difficult for me to find time to edit these pages :-(.

Garnered from a prolonged night-time visit over 4 liters of a (Very) Highly Caffienated Beverage, I have discovered exatly where my Friend is spending all of his time - Namely "XTC" - his new favorite MUD.

XTC and Hysteria


I don't know much about these, except I think that at least one of them is in colour, and at least one of them is virtually indistinguishable from DragonMUD (except for the FULL PLAYER-KILLING features).

I have discovered through long research that my Friend has finally completed all of the quests in this MUD. He appears to be approaching Wizard level pretty fast, and, if they don't throw him off soon, he will become one.

For the moment, my Friend's Ex-favorite MUD has become ...

Threshold MUD

" telnet://"

Threshold HomepageQuoted directly from a long phone call, below is his description of Threshold.

A modified ROM-based MUD (don't ask me what this means), You start ou in a Town, namely Midgaard, which has an extensive MudSchool which you should go through before serious adventuring. You can get free (uncool) equipment in the school, but my Friend advises you to talk to kind high- level characters for better, but don't ask the Gods for anything (Certain Doom awaits those who pester the Gods). There is some sort of clan system, with 5 to 6 available; you can be a member or a 'loner'.

Character Classes available are: Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Channeler, Psychic.

Races are: Minotaur, Human, Dwarf, Elf, Shee, Giant, Dragonkin(Drakn)

Player killing, allowed for those higher than level 24th. Killer flag deadly -- you get if you attempt to attack someone more than 25 levels away from you (ex: level 30 character attacks a level 55th character, all is ok, as the difference between the levels is less than or equal to 25. level 56th character attacks level 30th character and gets its killer flag set; difference is more than 25).

Relatively easy to gain levels. (type HELP GAIN for info).

When you start READ RULES so you don't break any (rules you break kill you).

Questing is available -- HELP QUEST.

My Friend's Advice

All classes can learn spells, for the right price (very expensive for Warrior/Thief).

Rumor has it that Threshold will be down for several months for a complete makeover. I do not know when this will occur.

More news; it appears that the way the MUD was initially run, all of the secrets that were supposed to give the Professional player an edge got spread around on the ubiquitous Bulletin boards. This MUD is Going to be down for a long time while the Immortals clean it up and repopulate it.


If the above doesn't work, try this.

Another MUD my Friend is going to use while Threshold is down.

This MUD is of the same type (ROM-based?) as Threshold and Ancient Realms. The user syntax is much the same except for the help command, which still needs more support (it REALLY needs more support, so if you think you might need it, this is not the MUD for you). I advise starting out with one of the two others that I mentioned above, becoming high-level, then quitting (if you feel like starting all over at the beginning), and coming here. Anyway, if you are familiar with the others, you shouldn't have much trouble finding your way around this. Several of the setup and configuration options are NOT completely ironed out, so you can find about 3 more character races and classes not listed by typing various nonsensical commands, but be careful not to actually do anything. The race descriptions are incomplete for several of the options, but the additional options to select from more than outweigh the disadvantages of not actually knowing exactly what you are playing. Watch out, the character creation phase takes 10 to 15 minutes if you are NOT using any of the special options; if you are in a hurry, this is not the MUD for you.

I finally tried this out, to discover that all that my friend informed me of was true (20 races and classes, hundreds of skills which you learn during and before the game), but also to discover that it is not yet finished. Being under construction, there are no up-to-date, or even readable maps of anything. At the beginning, though, the MudSchool surrounds you, so don't be afraid of making a misstep into a hot situation. I advise going North first, to train your skills. If you are new to this type of MUD, I would probably try Ancient Realms first, as its MudSchool section is more complete, although it is a bore if you have been there before. With a new, fresh angle, and many more races, classes, and special skills than I have ever seen before, this MUD would probably be enjoyable by those who have played on two or three others, to get used to the syntax.

This is a Completely New MUD, so if you ever wanted to get one of those cherished god-type characters fast, check it out (however, only experienced players need apply). Nobody here is over level 20, according to my Friend (besides the Programmer).

Well, maybe not so new. It appears that all of the Immortal places have been filled, so those of you who have not applied probably won't have much of a chance, unless you have good qualifications, or have friends in all the right places.

I heard my friend mumbling the address of this MUD the other day, here it is.

Realm of Magic

telnet:// I now know I know nothing, so I must be enlightened.

My Friend's latest ex-favorite mud is now "Mystic II", or so he says.

According to my broken notes on what he informed me (I haven't yet visited this MUD), you get to choose from many different classes and races (although you can also do this at Ancient Realms -- see below), you get to specialize your generic class at level 4, you can keep most of your equipment when you disconnect, encumbrance plays a vital role in the game, you can play many different characters (but not simultaneously), when you reach level 35 you can help extend the MUD, and it's very important to "READ DISCLAIMER" when you first log on. If I ever visit this MUD, I will probably be able to make this description more full, but as I hardly have time to update even this short page, it will probably not happen any time soon.

The Secret of Atlas

telnet:// the homepage has moved to

I apologise for the inaccuracy of this description after I first corrected this section of the list of MUDs. Also, please excuse my direct quotation from the kind informer who sent me the corrected information.



All I know is that there are many character classes and races, and rumor has it that you need an e-mail address for a full-up character.

Ancient Realms


I actually tried this once, and discovered a pretty interesting fantasy world. There are many races and classes, but it is hard (confusing and badly documented) to set up a new character. I advise writing down the list of races it prints out before trying to use the 'help' feature, because it never appears anywhere again. I believe that the two-letter codes for the classes stand for Mage, Cleric, Fighter, Psionisist, Ranger, and Paladin, but don't trust me on this because I haven't been here for months. Also, you are not allowed to save your character until you attain the 3rd Rank, so I wouldn't visit this until you have a lot of time on your hands.

I guess I shouldn't have these here since my Friend got tired of them days ago, but really, I don't see anything wrong with them.

MicroMuse: A virtual community.


This was my favorite Multi User pSeudo-educational Environment until I lost my character due to inactivity (I guess I can't lead a life in the real world at the same time as one in a MUD). The joining requirements include writing a new code fragment proving your knowledge of the programming system, then checking it out with a Mentor, but whenever I got a chance to play, there were no Mentors available who hadn't been idle for more than a week, although, somehow, whenever I ran out of time waiting for a mentor to show up, slews of them would appear. I guess I just have bad timing.

Actually, this link is not to MicroMuse, but to a TinyFugue server which happens to default to a MicroMuse connection. There are 8 or so other MUSES and MUSHES on the list, but I haven't had time to try any out (I only went to MicroMuse because of a strange message about a storyteller someone programmed that created a new tale for every visitor (although I never did find it in my explorations)).



This is some sort of "MUD Object Oriented" at Xerox. It seems to be a Pure Roleplaying mud, if that is possible. From what I have read it looks like it is going to be similar to MicroMUSE, but I know nothing for sure. This is the only MUD on this page that my Friend (who shall remain nameless --- for now!), hasn't yet gotten 'removed' from (only because he hasn't tried it yet).

New MudList

This link doesn't work, but I have decided to keep it anyway (just in case it comes back).


I discovered another one of my Friend's links in my files - this appears to be a collection of two or three MUDs running on the same machine.

As always, if you find anything inaccurate in this page, or the descriptions of products, Please email me as soon as possible so I can correct the problem. Thanks.

Link to index file.