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New Website Section

I am now working on a new part of my website. It will be online soon at my school address,, and it is going to be really cool. For now, you can check out my Fanpage for Susie from my CHEM class. Soon, however, there will be an entirely new section by my newest online personality, Grifter Hans!

Other news:

I got a replacement HDD from MAXTOR, and I managed to recover almost all of my vital data. Mysterious forces have decided to write weird programs to mess up your computer. My new Pentium 4 @2.6GHz is pretty awesome. I'm switching all my gear to hybrid Windows/Linux systems, except for my MAC, which still uses OS9. Physical Chemistry II is harder than the first half. I'm working in Dr. Hill's Lab this summer as an undergraduate research assistant. My new HDD gives my main computer 200 gigabytes of storage, but it's already full of PS-X CDs I backed up to the hard drive so I wouldn't have to dig through my trunk for them. Stay tuned for scans of most of my lab reports and homework either here, my main server, or on the solid version of this site. Also, I started writing stories, so if I am feeling super-brave, I might post some of them on-line so other people can look at them besides me.

The SOLID version of my website is on CD-R. If you ask me, I'll gladly postal-mail it to you, anywhere in the world. The solid version includes more of my video clips, music that Ork wrote, and other things that don't fit online, like high-resolution uncompressed versions of my artwork and tutorials. Since it has been almost a year since I did a really extensive site overhaul, I'm also going to see if I can remix my old webpages into some sort of standard format--not to worry, the original website will still be included on the disc as a compressed archive :)

My MAXTOR hard drive and my EPO DVDrom both failed last month*, and a lot of data is in limbo... I called both companies though and they were very nice about sending me new computer parts so I'm going to get those some time mid-June. Then I will play with my new 80gigabyte HD and DVD drive together !
* this is referring to events that took place in May 2002.

My new Track !

Hi! It's Saturday APR 29 2002 ACE, and :D I wrote a new piece. Check it out here at ! (Preview Release) [20kbps WMA]
For the record, tripod has started doing bandwidth-limit stuffs, so I have the HQ render on my local hard drive. Feel free to IM me (AIM: Fifth Ork) or send me a digital email (vaaleron@hotmail) and I can send you the file/a CD of my music :D !!
Hello! It's the first Sunday after Valentine's Day 2002, and I remembered my phone number !! It's in the USA at +1 301 314 6793 if you want to call. (Please call between @542 and @83 [I'm sleeping between @90 and @520 or so]). PS If you see my computer on-line then you can call. My AIM is Fifth Ork.
Note: if you are in ES/DT; im at GMT -5hrs. Don't call between 9pm and 7am my time. Internet time DATA: SWATCH HQ for internet time..
It is now Dec 3, 2001. I took a pikachu at my main page and it looked a little too long. Therefore, I present you with Nedstat Counter a new index file for the YOLD 3168.

Index Files Index

News Section

Merle has acquired a new digital camera. Will this cause some sort of sweeping enlightnment, or will nothing in particular change? The mystery is great. Watch later on this week for the first picturepost gallery and stuff. Do have a good day though..
Valentine Update: Apparently the new digital camera made no real difference to what was going on in Merle's totally excellent life. Therefore, as the pictures did not turn out to be dynamically excellent, said excellent individual didn't bother to post the pictures. Also, you may want to hesitate in picking up any camera that calls itself 3-in-1 because said camera can't actually record "video". It just takes a bunch of pictures in a row without audio and strings them together in a large AVI type file.

Other news include: there is a shop next to Wawa's that had Xbox on Monday afternoon (Dec 3). Are there some left today?
Valentine Update: The shop is named Coconuts. Although their prices on videogames are not excellent, the clerks are kind of nice and try to be helpful. This week there was a contest on who was the best clerk. They carry both XBox, GameCube, and PS2 (as well as PS1). All of these things seem to be in stock as of last tuesday.

Valentine Update: Interplay has a new thingie that they have for sale called "dual jewel" where they put two kind of old games in a box together and sell it for $10us. I recommend for retrogamers the "Forgotten Realms" and the "MDK/MDK2" ones. If you have a cool joystick then the Descent one and the Freespace one are neat also (especially if you have force feedback!!) but both games are space combat type so they are kind of specialty audience titles. The easiest way to get the games is to visit the Interplay Store and search for "dual jewel" in the box.
PS: My copy of Forgotten Realms was kind of hard to use unless you like to print out a LOT of booklets or have a old computer to play the games on and a new computer to look at the leaflets with. However, I got the previous version of it. There was also an old edition where Interplay actually printed out all of the games leaflets in a book form. If you can get hold of that book, then the games are really cool to play.
Re: Retrogaming. You may want to read about retrogaming at (be sure to visit the Newbies' Area for some help getting started) and then go over to and read about some of the really cool old titles that were released in the same Age as the cool Forgotten Realms games. Just be advised that I am not responsible for missed classes caused by losing track of time while playing :P
PPS: my Favorite EMU for c64 is called VICE.. It's almost as good as the C64 that my parents made me throw away -_-. Also, most of ClassicGaming's webpage talks about only the stuff for PC computers. If you need help with your MAC, then phone me and I'll see if I can help you.. no guarentees though :/

New Music experiment ! Java streaming Faust Fantasy.

Links Section

A new webpage was discovered.


Jan 5th, 2001. Anime in Photoshop: How to redraw your favorite anime character by using the Layers feature of Adobe Photoshop as digital tracing paper. (Created with the Photoshop 6.0 Tryout version and the Cool RoboTECH dvd I just bought ^_^;)

School Related Section

"Aha!" you may say. Vaaleron has never put any school papers of his online. Why were they left out? The reason is simple. I did not have the Word 97 file to HTML program on my computer until today, when I installed the SR-2 patch (umm.. this patch is sort of mysterious.. why does it take up so much space when the other patches are one mega? but life goes on.) and then tried to choose the menu option for SAVE AS HTML. Well, it worked, so here's what was on my desktop.