Low Orkish

What is it?

Low Orkish is a model language that I, Merle D. Zimmermann, created on June 18, 1999 for the purposes of adding flavour to one of my online fantasy-rpg personas and to annoy the other players.

What files are available?

Currently, I have the following files that are related to Low Orkish.
An image file with characters suitable for spraypainting is called ork5a.jpg... If you need a different file format, just drop me a note and I will convert it for you.

What are these files you didn't mention?

These files are another version of Orkish that was written by a (defective) computer program. You probably don't want to look at them; it will just discourage you from whatever you might have done instead. The files are in this subpath, but you will have to type the filenames yourself (sorry). Please do not judge me on the quality of these; they were not really ready for publication.

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