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Things from 1999:

my webcam.
updates every two minutes
click on image for autorefreshing page
I now have icq.. to find my number, take twice 21740569 and add 12.
The Student's Cookbook. Make Super Ramen and Purple Soda in the cafeteria.. * now with advice on sleeping *
READ The Praises of Mazenderân straight from the hallowed pages of the Shâh-Nâmeh of Ferdousee!!
PLAY Lord of Darkness, a new adventure game..ZIP format, and Self-extracting exe..
Both have compiled IBM-PC versions and complete source code (generic BASIC)..
Visit the folder of BASIC code.. check out my screen savers..
The Playstation Review (old version)
The contents of my Pocket Organizer..
The Degeneration of Videogames in today's world essay.
MinYat, a game not completely unlike Yahtzee!
Stock Market Analyst-A Game of many Newspapers.
Read Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight Online !
HEAR The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam!! Almost 18 minutes of audio in only 4.1 megabytes of dataspace! 32kbps compression! You never need be without a spiffy bit of poetry again! Recorded in one take with my garbagecomputer. (only three mistakes!)
The Incredible Javascript IQ Test !!!
Magellan GPS Pioneer Co=Ordinates
Renju (project on hold)
The City (new project)
Visit my photogallery.
Visit Boy Scout Troop 439 photogallery.
Visit the Music Recording Land.
New MIDI files posted (August 1, 1999)
World of Music Creation QuickBasic
executables w/source code, zipped (about 87kb)
"The Art of Being a Substitute Organist" English 101 paper.
Listen to my new Experimental Song: I am afraid ... MP3 file !!
Visit my Ork Band Website with (w/RealAudio stuff!!!).
Upgrade your communications with SedoNeural: Linguistic MSG !!!
Learn the Low Orkish Language !
Check out some Haiku that I wrote. [very poor]
Gain Great power over those Impossibly Difficult to Remove icecubes... A new Methode of Removale from Sir Issac Newton.

The MIDI Sorcerer has returned! Here's my new 'theme song'. -=- made with Massiva..
totally free midi/audio sequencing for the masses

I know that this site is badly organized, therefore, I provide a searchbox here.

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Thanks for tuning in.
Things from before 1998...

Other People and Places that are worth visiting:

Gregory Van Patten's homepage... A personal hero of mine who has designed several interesting board games (try out Diffusion - the first variation is also really cool).
Erik Max Francis. Really cool webpage builder with some interesting bits of poetry... whee!
discordian stuff...
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My brother's page .
One of my good friends..


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